Friday, February 24, 2006

the day of questions and answers.

funny. sometimes you just post stuff and don't think about all the stuff that people don't know about that might help explain some of the stuff you post. that's a lot of stuff huh?
well i had a couple of interesting questions in my comments yesterday so i thought i'd give a go at answering them here.

charles asked: how on earth did you get from Wisconsin to CA and end up with five dogs in a row on your blog?
good question! i actually ended up in Wisconsin from Mississippi to attend the University of Wisconsin--Madison to work on my doctorate in rehabilitation psychology (counseling related to people with disabilities). i hope to end up in academia with an eye on becoming somewhat of an innovator in research ;-) hey! dreams CAN come true, ya know?
i'm a person with a disability. i have had some level of hearing loss for most of my life. from the age of 7 i have worn hearing aids and had my hearing very gradually deteriorate to the point, approximately 10 years ago, that i was profoundly deaf. still, i was, in the words of my audiologist and ENT doc, "milking my residual hearing for all it is worth". i never really learned sign lanaguage--at least not well enough to have a conversation. i've always relied on my residual hearing and lip reading as well as just contextual & environmental clues.
in january 2004, i was accepted as a potential recipient of a hearing alert dog from Canine Companions for Independence. i spent 2 weeks in Northern California training with a bunch of people and dogs. ultimately, on january 23, 2004, i was partnered with the audacious miss ainsley the wonder dog. during the same training, ainsley's sister, alea, was partnered with a guy who then lived in northern california. a year later, his girlfriend (who attended the training with him) was partnered with talis (then called olav). we've kept in touch mostly because our fuzzy wuzzy babes are sisters and partly because we're just really cool people! the guy and his girlfriend have since relocated to southern california with their fuzzy partner dogs and since i was in the area for a conference last week, we met up and visited some CCI puppy raisers. hence, the photo op with the five fuzzy wuzzies!
in august 2005, i squashed my fears and had a cochlear implant in my right ear. since being activated in september 2005, the whole world has just opened up for me beyond my wildest dreams. i am hoping that i will get approval from my insurance company to pursue bilateral implantation (getting the other ear implanted).
i am now searching for a job in academia and working on my dissertation (still in the proposal stage as of today). who knows where i'll end up OR how many fuzzy wuzzies will grace my blog in the future? stay tuned to find out!

ƒåυνέ asked: And I gotta ask....who's Michele?
ahhhhh...........michele. michele is the blog goddess of all blog goddesses. (i wonder how much brownie points are worth????) i forget how i wound up at michele's blog in the first place, but the stuff she has going on over there is what kept me coming back again and again and again.
she has the coolest active blog. my favorite blog activities are her comment game and the 3 day meet and greet. she has loads of other "games" to keep people active on her blog AND on other blogs. if you haven't checked out michele's blog, yet......well, what on EARTH are you waiting for??????!!!!!!! get thee there, pronto!

any more questions?


Dave said...

Hi here from Michele's this afternoon. So glad to see that you now have some hearing back, and it must be wonderful to have such a close relationship with a dog, if that doesn't seem too odd!

Linda said...

visiting thru Michele's site. Your story is quite interesting...deserving of a bookmark in my "fave blogs" folder!

Viamarie said...

Michele sent me today and I did not regret it. You have an interesting story there.

Happy weekend!

Carmi said...

You're an inspiration to anyone with a hearing disability. You've turned challenge into opportunity.

Damn, it's the middle of the night and now I'm newly inspired. How often does THAT happen?

chelle said...

Wow! What a story! I worked with people with disabilities, and earned a degree in psychology (BA).
I really hope your insurance covers your surgery, I am so happy to read a success story like yours!
Good Luck with the job! Hubby is looking for an academic position (in chemistry). Oh My I am going on! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

kenju said...

I agree with your comments about michele's site - and she sent me tonight.

A cochlear implant - how great for you. I hope you can get the other ear done as well.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I just saw an amazing thing on TV about the implant you have! That hass to be the most fantastic thing ever...especially sibce you were a hewaring person...I hope you are able to get the other implant, too....I missed some of these posts Jacque cause I've been incredibly busy with the Benefit I am involved in each year, S.T.A.G.E. I am going ro go back to see the wonderful doggies mentioned, right now!

Here from Michele tonight, my dear...

Romanduck said...

That is awesome!!! I am so happy for you and can't wait to eplore your site some more! Michelle sent me, but I'll be back on my own!

vanx said...

Hi! Michele sent me back to you, though I plan to visit all my visitors in the fullness of time.
My fingers are crossed that your insurance company comes through. It's great to read that your world has opened up with the first implant. Good luck with the dissertation!

Anonymous said...

Hi.. here from Michele's... found your story fascinating. I know that you will succeed!