Tuesday, January 24, 2006

simple things

since i had the cochlear implant in august, i've noticed that there are moments when i am completely and utterly amazed by the smallest and simplest of things. yesterday i listened to the TV with the sound almost off, but i heard everything just fine without captions. now, i sit here checking email and catching up on reading, i'm listening to my cat's jagged, almost lilting little purrrrr. simple things like that lift my heart these days.


ƒåυνέ said...

You are such a sweetie

I had been thinking about starting my own blog for a while now. Finally got off my butt and started creating one this morning. Guess you can say you inspired me. (or, that it's all you fault, LOL)

coolchick said...

Good blog Jac! You rock!

deputyswife said...

Hello, here via Michele's!

I am a sign language interpreter and I cannot tell you how happy I am that you have an implant! I usually interpret for students within the public school system. My last person was a little boy who had implants. It was so much fun to see him hear sounds for the first time.

Good luck with you hearing coming back!

margalit said...

THat is so wonderful to hear. My friend's son recently had a cochlear implant and the quality of his life is so vastly improved.

Here from Michele

jeni said...

i love your simplistic yet descriptive nature! :) loved your site! :)

here from michele's! :)

jac said...

thanks for all the positive comments about this blog. i'm a bit sporadic, but my goal is to be more consistent.
the cochlear implant experience has been amazing. words just cannot express how life-changing it has been!
thanks for visiting and i hope you'll come back again.

Shane said...

... and may your wonderful moments grow tenfold

Carmi said...

I love the sentiment of this entry: my, how I wish everyone would appreciate the little things in life as you do.

In the end, they're not so little after all. You just appreciate 'em more. And you teach the rest of us in the process.

Anonymous said...

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